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Adracare · Toronto , Ontario
Department Adracare
Employment Type Permanent - Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Entity: Adracare
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Type: Full Time Permanent
Location: Toronto, ON
(The company is based in Toronto, ON, but due to COVID19, this position will be working remotely)

Company Overview

Adracare is
a part of the WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX: WELL) family and a healthcare technology start-up based in Toronto. Adracare is a robust telehealth-enabled practice management solution designed for outpatient clinics. We provide value to healthcare practitioners by reducing inefficiencies through the elimination of manual processes, enabling patient engagement, optimizing data access, and integrating with other mission-critical healthcare platforms. Our product has a suite of tools, including telemedicine, online booking, and messaging, that simplify the management of their clinics while also making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.

Our team is building amazing technology to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare, problems that impact us all.  And if you’re reading this, you’re looking to make a lasting impact through your work, so join us in our mission to make the world a better place! We’re hiring a
Senior Software Engineer to help keep us growing.  If you’re excited to be a part of a winning team and solve problems with software that impacts millions of lives, you’re in good company!

For more information about us, please visit or

Position Overview

Adracare is looking to hire a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer who will turn great ideas into code and beautiful applications, while working across a diverse set of problems and technologies. You will work in a dynamic, cross functional team to implement new features and core services in the Adracare Platform.

Key Responsibilities

  • Owns the development and rollout for an entire feature, or large project
  • Has a high level of craftsmanship about their work, the end experience of the user, and impact on overall product
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills with technical and non-technical teammates and shows a high level of emotional and professional maturity
  • Demonstrates ability to unblock themselves and other team members
  • Earns a high level of trust amongst team to own a task/project without needing much supervision
  • Demonstrates ability to anticipate how contributions can affect larger architecture, developing risk mitigation and contingency plans
  • Has a high level of understanding about where their work fits in and how to be useful and successful on their team
  • Be able to dive into any area of the code/product that they’re not familiar with, make changes, and guide others in how to do this
  • Show curiosity to not only learn new things but fully understand how they work
  • Be highly productive - have a reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently
  • Own and complete full projects beginning with identifying and communicating the problems to be solved, getting and incorporating feedback on proposed architectural solutions, and making a final decision as the owner of a project
  • Consistently tie back a project to a team goal
  • Set and maintain high individual and team expectations
  • Actively participate in frequent code/design/architecture reviews
  • Be able to communicate well with all engineers regardless of seniority
  • Generate support for a company/team decision
  • Work across engineering teams (dev, QA, systems) to ensure new code launches smoothly and customer needs are met
  • Monitor the outcomes of team’s actions to learn from mistakes and replicate successes
  • Interview prospective candidates and provide thoughtful evaluations and feedback
  • Deconstruct a problem into an executable action plan for themselves and other engineers - also perform them in a high quality way without issue
  • Proposes solutions when articulating problems
  • Performs work that’s evaluated to be done at ‘high quality’ by peers
  • Succeeds as an engineer when presented with projects of increasing complexity over time across multiple areas or domains of the code/product
  • Champions process (Scrum, TDD, etc.) - writes tech specs and identifies risks before starting major projects
  • Sets standards
  • Goes out of their way to reduce complexity
  • As needed, takes on additional “tech lead” responsibilities for driving an initiative to completion




  • You have professional experience using Ruby on Rails for API development, front-end JavaScript frameworks, and you’re comfortable with getting your hands dirty with AWS
  • You’re a problem solver, someone who is sought to help break down problems and brainstorm solutions to the trickiest of issues
  • You’re someone that is happy to document your work so that it can be shared and used to elevate the whole team
  • You’re humble - you accept all feedback with grace, internalize it and take the appropriate steps to move forward and take action
  • You’re someone who we can always count on to be 100% reliable - you always go above and beyond our expectations and deliver your work in a timely fashion
  • You foster a sense of community by proactively welcoming new talent, new perspectives, and new ideas in your day-to-day and cross-functional work


We are committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of applicants and team members across ability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and perspective. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where difference is celebrated and fuels our success – this is the WELL Way!

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